Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Starbucks' Schultz: Social Media Is Key to Building Brand Trust

Starbucks' new, in-store digital network will include the documentary streaming site Snagfilms along with news and other content, CEO Howard Schultz said at TheGrill conference on Tuesday.

In an address that discussed the coffee giant's turnaround since Schultz re-took the reigns of the company in January 2008. Schultz said he came late to the digital revolution.

“We were way behind,” Schultz admitted.

Quickly ramping up to a major Facebook and Twitter presence has made Starbucks a leading brand in social media.

It has also led to the Starbucks Digital Network, Schultz said.

He announced that the documentary streaming site, Snagfilms, would be an SDN partner. The company will also help promote the education documentary, "Waiting for Superman."

“If you give a customer an understanding of what your values are, and they share those values, and they believe it, they will pay a premium,” Schultz said Tuesday, speaking at TheWrap’s media and entertainment industry conference TheGrill.
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