Upload Your Project

To upload your project to fundabrand.com you will need three videos, to include, a two minute (120 seconds) "video elevator pitch" hosted on one of the following:
  • 1. You Tube (non commercial) or
  • 2. Vimeo      (non-commercial) or
  • 3. Viddler     (web cam)  (commercial) or

Our research has shown that if you are promoting or asking for commerce; ie: "you are for profit" from your video, then this will be treated as "commercial" and your video could be removed from video hosting companies  YouTube and Vimeo without any warning. So we suggest that commercial means for profit and thus you should upload your video to a video host like, "Viddler".  If you are not for profit then YouTube and Vimeo is a good place to upload your video. You can always risk things but then why take a risk hosting your video when you are breaking their terms and conditions. Many do but we think it is unnecessary when there are other options. As we grow our business we will adopt video hosting that can scale as we scale!
We suggest three videos to showcase your project:

1. Elevator Pitch (web cam)
2. Corporate video (High Production Value)
3. Avatar (Aesthetic Production Value)

a one paragraph written synopsis with log line, an executive summary and a funding requirement.

1. Two (2) minute video hosted on You Tube upload your video to You Tube

2. Log Line & paragraph snapshot of your project hosted on scribd.com upload your documents to Scribd

3. Executive Summary hosted on scribd.com upload your documents to Scribd

4. A funding requirement